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Welcome Night @ North Adelaide 2019

By OSP | 25 Mar 2019

Orthodontic Smile Practice welcomed local dentists and dental professionals to one of our new locations at 3/191 Melbourne Street in North Adelaide! A fantastic night was had by all with some amazing Grazing Platters put on by Schinella’s! We are looking forward to working closely with our expanded local dental community in order to provide…

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What would you do with 3 years?

By OSP | 25 Jul 2018

Have you thought about what you could spend 3 years doing? Orthodontists are specialists who train for an additional 3 years on top of their general dental training in order to acquire the knowledge and skills to help you create that beautiful smile!   Have a look at this fantastic video from the ASO – Australian…

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Easter Eating Woes

By OSP | 08 Mar 2017

G’Day from OSP! Easter is coming up shortly, and many of us are beginning this celebration with lent! Lent is a time to reflect and be thoughtful towards others. We at OSP thought we could use this time to encourage those with braces on to enjoy all the chocolatey goodness that comes with this time of…

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What can I eat for Christmas?!

By OSP | 21 Dec 2016

NB: This article has been shared from the ASO website. You can find the original post here: https://www.aso.org.au   What can I eat at Christmas with braces? For us Aussies, Christmas is all about enjoying the sunshine, firing up the BBQ and tucking into some delicious food with our family and friends. When your favourite treats are on…

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The Benefits of Early Treatment

By OSP | 20 Oct 2016

NB: This article has been shared from the ASO website. You can find the original post here: https://www.aso.org.au/benefits-early-treatment   Parents usually have many questions about orthodontic treatment for their children. The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends children between the ages of 8-10 years visit a registered specialist orthodontist for an assessment.   This allows the orthodontist to evaluate…

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What to expect from a visit to your orthodontist – Orthodontic Smile Practice

By OSP | 28 May 2016

What to expect from visiting Orthodontic Smile Practice At Orthodontic Smile Practice we know that children, teenagers and even adults can have conflicting emotions before an orthodontic appointment. It is normal to feel a mixture of nerves and excitement whether it’s your initial consultation or a number of adjustments into treatment. Here is an outline of what you can expect during your appointments…

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