ECligner - Your Clear Aligner Therapy

"What sets eCligner apart from other clear aligner systems are the varying thicknesses of their aligner trays. The very thin layer thickness of your first aligner triggers the lowest biological energies that stimulate the reorganisation processes within the Desmodont or periodontal ligaments, this allows for minimal discomfort on first tooth movement. Then using sequential soft, medium and hard aligners we can simulate specific and deliberate tooth movements." - Ecligner

eCligner is a custom-made tooth aligner that is transparent and easy to remove for cleaning and eating. This means less impact on you and your busy life. It is suitable for most malocclusions.

Using state-of-the-art digital scans and 3D CAD-CAM technology we create custom made clear aligners to straighten your teeth with comfort, ease and precision.


eCligner is suitable for adults, teens and children. eCligner recommends wearing the aligners for a minimum of 17 hours every day. This allows you to maintain high standards of oral hygiene and periodontal health by removing the aligners whilst brushing and flossing.



Your orthodontist will discuss options for your treatment at your first appointment, which may include various forms of traditional braces, or clear aligners like Invisalign and eCligner. Once your suitability for eCligner is ensured, your orthodontist will take digital x-rays, digital photographs 3D CAD-CAM digital scans of your teeth.


These records are fed into the eCligner 3D CAD CAM technology so we can digitally create your treatment plan and show the results on screen.