At Orthodontic Smile Practice, our professional and dedicated team can provide you the best in modern and evidence-based orthodontics


We offer a wide range of options to help straighten teeth and improve your smile. All our methods are individually tailored for you or your child's needs.

Our experience with conventional bracket systems is unrivalled and with modern brackets being so low profile, wearing braces is easier and more comfortable than ever before. 

We also have a range of "invisible" braces in our armamentarium, including Ceramic Braces, Lingual Braces, Clear Aligners (Invisalign & ECligner)


Traditional methods of straightening teeth and achieving a beautiful life-long smile involve the placement of stainless steel brackets on each individual tooth. There are many different bracket sizes, shapes and colours. Movement is achieved using special wires that are tied to the brackets using either special clasps within the brackets themselves, or by using coloured rings. It is these rings that can give you the bright and colourful smile you so often see.