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What to expect from visiting Orthodontic Smile Practice

At Orthodontic Smile Practice we know that children, teenagers and even adults can have conflicting emotions before an orthodontic appointment. It is normal to feel a mixture of nerves and excitement whether it’s your initial consultation or a number of adjustments into treatment. Here is an outline of what you can expect during your appointments with us.


You’ll be happy to know that orthodontics is largely a pain-free specialty. Appointments are rarely longer than 45 minutes and here at Orthodontic Smile Practice we are famous for our short waiting times.


Orthodontic consultation appointments

The beginning of you or your child’s journey towards a beautiful smile starts at your first consultation visit. Every orthodontic practice is different.


A key feature of Orthodontic Smile Practice:

You will be seen by a Specialist Orthodontist at every. single. visit.


We pride ourselves on a patient-focused approach, using the latest technology hand-in-hand with years of Specialist experience to achieve individually tailored treatment for every single patient. New technology has given us some great new materials and techniques but there is no real substitute for Specialist qualifications, training and experience. Teeth are part of the body and like everything else, sometimes the unexpected happens! That is when experience counts.


Our consultation occurs in two parts.

  1. . Your orthodontist will perform an initial assessment of your teeth, making note of any concerns and then determine readiness for treatment. Depending on that, we organise a set of x-rays (bulk-billedwith our local radiographer), photographs and digital scans of your teeth.
  2. . With records collected you will then sit down with your orthodontist in our dedicated consulting suite and discuss you or your child’s orthodontic needs, working towards an individually tailored treatment plan that will achieve the desired result. A happy smile!


Treatment planning appointments often last up to 30 minutes, so we can address any and all issues pertaining to your treatment. We advise booking well in advance for these appointments so there is no delay in getting your treatment started!


Treatment appointments

You or your child may be nervous or concerned about what the initial insertion of the braces actually entails. We term this first treatment appointment a ‘bond-up’ and the most important thing to note is that it is completely painless.

There are no needles or drills, just a whole sequence of cleaning, washing and drying all the teeth, and then the fiddly part of bonding the brace! This is the placement of an individual bracket (term for brace) to each tooth with a safe and strong glue before a small wire is connected to them using coloured or clear elastics. When you hear the term ‘tightening your brace’, it is the wire that is being changed and adjusted to gradually straighten your teeth. Normally a bond-up will take between 30-45 minutes so if you are coming to watch your child, you may like to bring a book or make a selection from one of our waiting-room magazines!

Once the bond-up has been completed our lovely senior nurse will sit down with you and/or your child to go through how to care for your new braces. We provide you with a new electric toothbrush, as well as gum management products to ensure healthy teeth and gums throughout your brace treatment.


If you would like see a bond-up stay tuned for a peek at our upcoming video on YouTube via our website link!


The first night following brace treatment patients may occasionally feel some discomfort, which may be managed with your regular pain relief medication. Alternatively, you or your child may find relief using saltwater mouth rinses for soothing tender gums. Your orthodontist will advise the best method for you.

When you are in brace treatment, adjustment appointments will be required generally every six to eight weeks, where your orthodontist will change or adjust the wires to keep the movement of you or your child’s teeth in the right direction.


Of course, at any stage before a consultation or treatment appointment you are welcome to contact us and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

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